mOcean Packages Monsters Channel for VOOM HDTV Service

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By Katie Makal

Jan 19, 2004, 13:11

Entertainment marketing agency mOcean was retained by Rainbow Media Holdings to complete a broadcast design package for the launch of Monsters, one of Rainbow Media's 21 commercial-free, 1080i channels created for VOOM, the Rainbow DBS satellite service launched in October 2003. Targeting today's rapidly growing but underserved HDTV audience, VOOM is the first television service to offer a comprehensive array of HD programming throughout the continental United States. The project marks mOcean's first all-HD television network package.

mOcean designed, created and produced the original launch broadcast design work for Monsters, the VOOM exclusive channel all about scary movies, which is taken to the next level by the power of HDTV. mOcean's work included the production of original main title design, channel logos, IDs, bumpers and other on-air promotional elements.

mOcean's Steve Kazanjian was creative director and Teresa Antista was producer for this project. Regarding the creative process, Kazanjian said, "The Monsters channel in HD was a dream project for mOcean. Not only was the client willing to push the boundaries of network packaging, they were also very focused on using the HD platform to its fullest: emphasizing subtle color separations, fine point lines and 5.1 surround sound. The end result is a package that will definitely generate a buzz in the industry."

Kazanijian added, "The creative spark actually came from a handful of mid-20th century monster posters that we have hanging in our offices. We wanted to create a fusion between the tongue-in-cheek sensibilities of the key art of that time and the promise of today's HD technology. We designed modern poster interpretations of classic monster paradigms such as 'Metropolis,' 'Destruction from Outer Space,' 'The Island that Time Forgot,' 'The Demented Psychopath's Lair' and the classic 'Southern Cemetery.' This imagery helped to lock in the network's tagline -- 'It's Alive' -- with the all-new animation, as each poster actually 'comes alive' as we move through it."

He continued, "Technically, we used a combination of 2D compositing, 3D character animation and classic hand-drawn illustration. The end result is an HD network package unlike anything else currently on the air. mOcean's entire creative team is very proud of the end result for this great project."

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