Voom Box shuts off when surf to Channel 5?


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Jan 30, 2008
Hi all,

I have a few Voom boxes and they all will shut off and restart if I click to local Channel 5. Although I can scan and store Channel 5 but can't view it just for that reason. Everytime when the box shuts off, it goes trhu the start up process and will be back on at channel 100 (as it had been powered off). Has anyone have this problem and have a cure? Thx.

T. :mad:
having exactly the same issue but with channel 4 .

both ch 4 and 5 have good signal strength per the info from the voom box in the setup screens. i was told the previous owner who lives a few miles from here got ch 4 ok but had an amplified antenna; mine is just outside antenna.

have been trying to track down how to get ch 4 via forums, etc. with no luck yet.

select ch 4
box starts repeatedly sequencing the resolution lights on the front (like a wave) about 8 times then a momentary flash of a set of 4 upside down F's on the left side of the display then gives the "starting please wait" screen then goes to chnl 100 and sits.

Here's the thread of msgs i've sent/rcvd so far:
If I recall correctly that 988 sequence you refer to puts you into
installer/maintenance mode and there's likely a reset for the system, again if memory
I don't know what you've got set up, or what a box that's behaving strangely-which the
channel 4 thing classifies as-will do once it is reset but at some point that may be
worthwhile. Thing is, there's no repair for these units and I'd hate for yours to become a
door stop versus just missing one channel.
So far, no good inputs from anyone else here, as I aid, it's been a while. :)

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Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 13:03:42

You sparked a thought so i put the previously removed little box back on the back. i had taken it off per posts that said it was just there for using the amplified hd antenna - which i am not.

Didn't change the effect of getting channel 4 though but it was a good idea. i did notice that the resetting process it goes thru when selecting ch 4 ends with the display quickly flashing what looks like 4 upside down F's. thought i'd mention it in case it was meaningful to someone.

also went into the channel strength setting and noticed ch. 4 (rf id 22) was showing as being received very strongly so figure it rules out a signal strength issue. it still
looks like some sort of setting that tells the voom that ch 4 (frequency or something) wants it to reset. thought it might be in some installers setting but haven't figure out what it could be.

Thanks again for hanging in there....

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Yeah well I'm doing this from memory but I thought that the over the air device was a module that slid into a boxy little slot on the device. I'm not anywhere near a box or I'd look.

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Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 12:06:33

thanks again.
is over the air module something inside? I haven't opened the case as yet but will if you think it might fix be useful.

I had been looking around for feedback on adding a hard disk anyway because someone said you could record received programs. Haven't found anything that corroborates that as yet so hadn't opened it up as yet.

I did reseat the card - no change.

found the way to get to some setup menu via hitting 9-8-8 but was a bit concerned about doing resets, etc. and losing everything i already at least have.

Thanks again...

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I used to use Channel 4 on mine so I'm not sure why it would be an issue.
Just for grins, have you tried reseating the over the air module?

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Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 22:18:07

Thanks so much. I really appreciate the fact you even replied. It was very nice of

I've been researching all over the internet (including info on the motorola dsr550) - no luck so far.

I even disconnected the outdoor antenna and hooked up an indoor one to see if signal strength could be the issue. it seems to be that the voom box thinks that selecting channel 4 causes it to restart or reset something. after going thru sequencing the resolution lights (about 8 times) it shows the voom screen saying "starting, please wait" then finally shows channel 100 has no signal.

Weird that i can set the other local channels, and 4 should be one of the stronger ones (which tuning local channels seems to corroborate).

I thought i saw a post somewhere that zoom software had a bug relating to chnl 4 related to the frequency it comes in on but that it had been fixed in some release.

oh well, any hints or suggestions from you or your colleagues is really appreciated. I
think it's neat that i can at least see some hd channels until the govt's hd converter
boxes start going on sale in the local area.

Thanks again,

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Actually, off the top of my head, I've got no recollection of an issue like that or what to do about it. Sorry, but it has been quite a while.
I'll check with some of the other people around here though.
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Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 20:43:17

I saw an old post re: voom and was hoping you might still be open to sharing some info on the voom box.

I recently got one to use to bring in some over the air hd channels via an outside
antenna. I figured out how to set most channels but selecting channel 4 causes the
machine to sequence the front "resolution" lights and then it seems to go into
some kind of setup mode, never showing channel 4 picture which it says it identifies when searching and finding channels in the area.

Have you ever seen anything like this and is there a way to stop it from going into this mode when channel 4 is selected (outside of hiding channel 4 so it can not be selected)?
Where are you? Bet you $1.00 that ch 4 is PBS. If not, the ch is using a "datacaster" to send along extra stuff. Call the station engineer and ask. voom will never handle the ch - just hide it.

my Houston PBS ch8 was testing the device and took it off during my call.
thank you for the suggestion. it's worth letting you keep the $1.....

ch 4 wfor is a cbs affiliate.

i called and asked if i an engineer would touch base with me. I'll see where it leads...

thanks again.

Here's an update:
I got a call from a very nice guy, the engineer at the station. He was a fountain of knowledge and very helpful. He knew immediately what the issue was.
here it is:
Stations are adding TV Guide information to the signal and the Voom box can't handle it. He says as soon as the change was made (a year or so ago) the station began getting numerous calls from Voom box owners but decisions were made to press on (probably because the Voom was obsolete anyway).
Looks like hiding the channel is the best option.

Thanks for the feedback and help.
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