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Dec 16, 2007

I appreciate all the help I received in the past from this forum, and now I'm returning the favor so to speak.

I have a Voom box that I was using for OTA, but I lost the remote. Its not worth getting a new remote, so this box is a candidate for target practice. However, I hate to destroy something that might be useful to someone, so if someone wants it they can have it. This is great for those who ended up with a doorstop but still have the remote.

It was set up and scanned in for Dallas/FtWorth channels, although I may have hidden some like the spanish channels. I don't know if you can do anything other than browse the current channels without a remote, but if that's all you want it should work okay. And if you have a remote then you should be set.

I'm not selling and I'm not shipping. If you are in the DFW area we can meet somewhere nearby and it is yours. If that doesn't work then sorry, my time is scarce. If that sounds good then email me and we'll arrange something. First come first serve. Don't bother if you can't pick it up, those emails will be ignored.
I believe I have to be a paying member, although someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I am redoing my house and this box fell into the "working but otherwise useless" category, and being only a semi-reformed pack-rat I just couldn't toss it.

Like I said, I came here to get set up and want to return the favor in some small way. Maybe someone picks up on this and finds a way to chnge it into a nice FTA box, sharing that on the board and furthering the contribution. It could happen, LOL!
I will gladly take your box. My son will be up in Dallas this Thursday and Friday. Post your part of the city and pm me your phone and address.
If I do not hear from you tonight, my son can not pick it up. I will be in Dallas next week. I sent an email and pm thru this site and no word yet.
Box is gone, Ronnie, nice meeting you. Hope this helps you out in some way.

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