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Aug 2, 2006
Well, did some scanning on SBS6 today with my Pansat 2700a and found some transponders that had what appeared to be HD content on them ( two to be exact). I had to manually enter the channel info from the Pansat to my DVB program, ProgDVB and then attempted to watch the program. I have been able to get PBS's HD channel fairly good and the test HD channel on 82W. But, this one on SBS6 gave me fits. The signal quality shown on the program I'm using was in the area of 35-40% (kept varying). I had a lot of freezing and dropped frames.
I am using a Twinhan 1020a and my dish( 31" Fortec) is mounted on an SG2100 motor. There was one channel in SD mode that was solid. But, the HD channel I was trying to watch just had too many problems. I used the same codec settings
that I used with PBS HD as that worked really well. Do I need to go to a larger dish or better video card? ( have P4 3.0Ghz with 512Meg ram, 128Meg Gforce3 video card) I used the Main Concept Codec that came with ProgDVB and an AC3 filter for the audio. Both audio and video would drop out.
Any suggestions?
I have the Twinhan Starbox and It jumps between 58% and 61% quality on the test hd channel on 82w and I get pixelation and dropouts, what quality do you get on that one? My system: x2 3800+ @ 2400mhz, 2gb ram and a 7800gt.

I mainly use mytheatre because the picture quality is noticeably better when using the nvidia purevideo codec, it doesn't look as dull and doesn't have that blur with horizontal movement or red stuff looking blocky(very noticeable with sd content). That is comparing with main concept. I'm having trouble getting the nvidia codec working in progdvb with the tv/ac3.

Check your cpu usage when playing those feeds, if it's close to 100% than it's because your cpu can't handle it. Because those feed are most likely allot higher bitrate and 4:2:2 they will make the cpu work harder.

Or it's possible you just don't have high enough signal quality, I don't know if hd feeds require more signal quality or not, I think they would have more chance of error because unlike sd they take a higher percentage of the transponder so theres more of a chance that if theres an error it will effect that feed, unlike sd where if theres an error it will only effect one channel that may not be the one your watching.
Sorry for not getting back here sooner. I believe it is a signal quality problem. 35% to 40% , is probably why I had trouble. Plus, it probably was a 4:2:2 feed.
It was a NASCAR race. (if that helps anyone ID it ) I guess I need to get a larger dish. My current dish is a 31" Fortec and I'm located in North Central Texas. So, that is probably part of the reason for the low sig quality.
Still, it's fun to try !!
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