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Dec 24, 2016
how's the signal quality for you?
For me the old frequency is a bit better, but both are quite weak, with a quality of 30-35 on the new transponder and 40-45 on the old one. Among the weakest Ku channels. Basically it's back to how it was before the change they made a year ago.
According to the BVN site, the EIRP here in CT is 48dBW, and they recommend a 50 to 75cm dish. My experience is that with a 90cm it's borderline, with very little margin for rainfade.

Satbeams and Eutelsat however show 46dBW on the panamerican beam.


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Jan 23, 2005
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My signal is very good here in New Mexico here's the information's...:)

My dish size is 1.1 Meters.

Old freq, 12.077 GHz, H is at 70% Bitrate: 5.787 MBs

New freq, 12.090 GHz, H 73% Bitrate: 13.506 MBs

Now the extra bandwidth to be used for is unknown at this time, and I am hoping they upgrade to HD and English subtitling but you never know though. :hungry

The rest of the other feeds comes in well too mostly in upper 50 to mid 70's% at this time...
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