Most poorly-played All-Star games you can recall in any sport (1 Viewer)

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Apr 15, 2008
We are a week away from the Midsummer Classic, so it's time to start preparing by talking about All-Star Game related topics.

When Bill and I were discussing how the MLB All-Star Games compare to others, he had this to say:

"Defense is a foreign concept to those other All-Star games. I feel like this what makes those games virtually unwatchable."

That got me wondering:

What do you consider some of the most poorly-played/sloppy All-Star Games you can recall?

(Pro Bowls won't count- that's not a real All-Star Game- MLB, NBA and NHL only)

Here are my choices:

1993 NHL All-Star Game- The winning team scored 16 goals. Enough said.
(Nonetheless, as a hockey fan, I love to see tons of scoring)

2001 NHL All-Star Game- Both teams combined for 26 goals. Final score- 14-12. This game sums up what Bill said.

1998 MLB All-Star Game- Granted, the 13-8 score doesn't sound as huge as the Marlins/Rockies game on Friday, but nonetheless putting a Midsummer Classic in Coors Field is like sending me to an all-you-can-eat buffet- the results can be disastrous for others.
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The Star Wars Collector Podcast
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Jan 27, 2004
The year it ended in a tie after just 10 innings was stupid.

Paul Wozniak

SatelliteGuys Master
Oct 26, 2005
The year it ended in a tie after just 10 innings was stupid.

That was stupid. I generally avoid all-star games except for baseball. The NBA game is entertaining just to watch them show off, but then so are the Harlem Globetrotters, (at least once). As for the NHL and the NFL, why do they even bother? At least they're trying in the MLB game.


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Apr 5, 2008
I agree with Ramy. I thought the game left a bad taste in my mouth. I give mlb some credit. At least they try to make the game mean something. Look at all the other all-star games. I don't mind having all-star games but at least try. Can players in the Pro Bowl play defense?


Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
May 22, 2004
Like Paul said, the only All-Star game worth watching is baseball and honestly, that is the one baseball game a year I will make sure to watch.

All other sports all-star games are a joke. Baseball all-star is the only one where the players actually play the game and not just show off their skills and play around.


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Nov 2, 2006
Believeland, Ohio
I think the nature of the sport makes the Baseball All-Star game the most legit of all of the sports. Here's why.......

In Baseball, you have an actual object (hardball) that is defended against, not another physical being. In other sports such as basketball, football and even hockey, you actually guard the players that output physical force to score points. It would be easy in these sports to physically let up or play down, thus sacrificing defense. In baseball however, there is no letting up on defense when there is a 100mph hardball screaming in your direction. You catch it with your glove and throw the runner out. Can you imagine a fielder letting a routine pop-up fall to the ground? Anything less of a will to record the out would be considered a charitable act, thus jeopardizing the credibility to the game!
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