Mounting Fortec 1 meter dish Deck Mount on peaked roof & SG 2100 Motor Problems

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Jul 4, 2006
Relocated Fortec 1 meter Dish from bottom of roof (where it was shaky on the optional roof mount), to the top using the original Deck Mount supplied with this Dish. Went to the local windsor plywood store and got a 4X4 cedar post that was cut down to 3 feet long then cut to the exact pitch of my roof. To get the right pitch I put 2 two by 4's across the roof then nailed them together to get the exact angle, and took them to the plywood store. Found the 24 inch 2 by 4 centers on the roof and used 4 inch lag bolts and 3.5 inch screws to hold all in place. Used a couple of washers to ensure the pole was absolutely vertical on roof then mounted dish on ground (deck) mount. The messy part was painting black tar over the required areas. The Deck Pole is really solid up there, at least so far. Hope the pics work out for this post. Then the lineup problems began.

SG 2100 Motor Versus Stab HH120 Motor:
After 14 hours spent over 3 days I could NOT get this 1 meter dish, SG2100 motor and Invacom LNB to work. This was in -14 degrees below zero weather at times. I contacted the Vancouver head office for my local dealer on Thursday, and the guy said that no way will the SG2100 motor work with my 1 meter Fortec Dish and he could not understand why the SG2100 was even sold to me. He is insisting I purchase on a trade up - the Stab HH120 Motor for my setup. (I have a Viewsat Extreme sat receiver). This will cost me $60.00 more. I have to agree that in Manual Mode the motor was working okay going from west to east, but from east to west it was really labouring badly and seemed to be cutting out at times. But my question is does anyone know if this setup with the Stab HH120 motor will work?

So I have removed the motor and just left the dish on the deck mount on the roof and I tried to get sat 97 with new elevation setting. I took a small TV, & the Viewsat up to the roof and was able to get 12115, and 12122 that were pegging up to 100% on Q, but only 43 % on S. So I did a channel scan on sat 97 and only about 25 channels seemed to scan in but I'm not seeing any channels from sat 97 when I exit out of antenna settings on the ViewSat?? How come? Also had to disconnect the C coax connector off the LNB and just leave on the L coax connector as BOTH together seemed to be cutting down on signal quality? Does anyone know why?

Any replies would be very much appreciated & hope pics work out.


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ok this is the way i have mine

two coax from lnb ( L & C) to diseqc switch ( can also use a 22K) then to motor then from motor to receiver. you have three coax leading away from the dish. this should be able to be done with one coax.

also the coax ( and you might have it set up temp here) is hanging low , possible to snag one of the shingles or get frozen in place binding the motor. I looped my runs back up to the motor and tie strapped a switch in the area and looped back off to hit the motor.

my dish is a primestar 40X44 (1 meter) ChannelMaster and have no problems with it and the sg2100. now i had to fabricate a new bracket to lighten the load.
If you want to get from one end of the arc to the other faster, select a Horizontal transponder. The reciever will send 18 volts to the motor versus 13 volts for Vertical. It Does sound weak when using a vertical tp but is real strong using a horizontal tp.

just some thoughts

Looking at your pictures (great pictures BTW), I noticed that bracket #27 on the back of the dish is flipped 180 degress. This may have caused the problem.

See pictures below


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Looking at your pictures (great pictures BTW), I noticed that bracket #27 on the back of the dish is flipped 180 degress. This may have caused the problem.

See pictures below

Thank you very much for your amazing astute analysis. The really confusing thing about that Fortec Bracket # 27 is that the elevation scale marking does show up where it is now. Because when I took off the SG2100 motor on Friday, I reset the elevation from 22.7 to 33.7, but as mentioned I still had problems trying to find IA5 - Sat 97. From looking at your pic though it sure does look like the Bracket is definately upside down. Thanks a lot.

Also could you please tell me what motor does Sadoun recommend for this 1 meter Fortec Dish? I've been told to trade up to the Stab HH 120.

Your reply would be appreciated.
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