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Internet directions say just drag after holding one down for a bit. I can move them around on a page, but can't get one to move left to the previous page. Yes, there is an open spot there.

I got one to move to the previous page; not sure how. What am I missing?
Just as you moved around the page move and hold it to the edge on the left side. Soon the page will swap and it will be on that left page. You can also put an app on top of another and create a folder of apps. you can rename that folder too. My home page has a number of folders, such as Travel, Finance, Weather, Utilities, Browsers, Social Media, etc. Nice way to keep things organized when you have hundreds of apps loaded.
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TKS for the hold suggestion. I was too impatient.

The other methods I use- I have over 200 apps. 30-40 are about to go away as they haven't been updated to 11. I really should thin the herd.
I'm down to about 80-90 apps on my iPhone after the iOS 11 Purge. A majority of the Apps removed were the free versions of paid apps that were maintained, which made sense.

I see in the Usage settings that you can have iOS 11 remove the program files of an App if you don't use it very often. It keeps the data and settings, so if the idea that when you need an infrequently used App you'll need to be patient doesn't annoy you, it looks to be a good way to make room for more pertinent information.

I'm a big fan of the Folders. I manage to have everything on the Home Screen, although some Folders have multiple pages and with the iPhone 6's larger screen than the 4 and 5 phones, I wish they would allow larger Folders than 3x3.
I'm seeing many similarities between present day Android and iOS. This is a welcome surprise as I will be using the Sony infrequently for video work and it's nice not to have to rethink the operation. That was not so 2.5 years ago when I switched from Android to iOS. That was a learn over curve.

The Sony Xperia XZ expands the folder as big as the screen. I have one that has 4x4 now but haven't expanded it to see if it maxes out or goes to a second page.

I think my Travel folder has 4 pages of stuff I access when on the road. I've been thinking of thinning that out to just hotels, maps, and Cruise aps. Navy- you use the same method to move an app within the folder pages as well.

There's even an app for speedy US Customs you can fill out the morning of your arrival day. Few people know about that and we get shuffled to the front of the line and get the phone scanned and away we go. I always fill out the paperwork just in case the guys at the port decide not to accept their electronic check-in that day.