Moving - what if no LOS?

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  1. Apparently, I am buying a house and moving. I am doubtful, yet hopeful, that there will be LOS for D* at the new location. My question is, what if there isn't? AT&T offers Uverse at the new address, and, indeed, that is who I intend to use as an ISP. Would they just let me switch without penalty? If I decided I didn't want Uverse, would they let me out of the contract with or without a penalty?

  2. Anecdotally a no LOS issue will release you from a contract.
  3. They WILL roll you over to Uverse TV if you want at that point.
    And vice versa, they prefer you to be on D* though.
  4. Maybe D*Now?
  5. Yeah, and I would prefer D*, but Uverse would be my second choice around here, and they are still installing plenty of it as they roll out fiber from what people are saying.
  6. I'd consider it if it had cloud DVR and actual local channels.
  7. Directv Now doesn't have local channels?
  8. Only ABC in my market. No others.
  9. No other Durham channels, or no other channels at all?
  10. No LoS?

  11. No other locals. No CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, CW, etc.
  12. That's odd since Directv supplies all of them.
  13. Yeah, I thought they would be available, but apparently not. I have the Dishpointer AR app on my phone. I expect to be able to go over there this weekend, so maybe I can get an idea whether LOS will be an issue.
  14. Cloud DVR on the way ....
    No dates, but I was told about it coming today.
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    I just realized there is no $25 discount for Uverse with the wireless Unlimited Plus plan. I am going to have to try really hard to see if I can find a place that isn't on the peak of the brand-new roof that could get signal.

    **EDIT** It apparently is available, but they don't advertise it the way they do for Directv.
  16. I'm not sure if they still send a technician to the new residence to verify the no LOS, but that was the case with me about 5 years ago.
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  17. Update: I have confirmed there is LOS for Dish, but probably not for DirecTV. I am on the fence about what to do. I could probably get some limbs removed from a tree and have LOS for D*, or I could get U-Verse and lose some functionality and pay more, or I could just get Dish and have what I want without limb removal but pay even more.

    If I decide it is worth it to cut down the limbs to keep DirecTV, then I would also need to adjust my setup a tad. Right now, I have my HR54 in the family room, and that TV is also visible from the kitchen thanks to the open floor plan. In the new house, there is a wall that is in the way of that working, so I am going to need a TV in the kitchen to keep my wife happy. That means another STB from D*. My preference would be to get an HR24 (or maybe an H25) for the bedroom and move the C61K into the kitchen, but I am concerned D* is going to want a lot of money for that. If I am going to pay to get tree limbs removed and pay to add another DVR or receiver, am I really going to save any money vs. paying an ETF (if they require it) and getting U-verse or Dish?

    I'm going to do a 2-year projection to see what is the better option in the long run, but I fear it will just be a wash no matter which one I choose.
  18. How are you able to get DISH los but not D* ?
  19. Dish's Eastern Arc satellites are in view, but DirecTV's aren't due to a tall tree.