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Todd Wiedemann

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Sep 8, 2003
Menomonee Falls, WI
Over at my local board, MilwaukeeHDTV, a couple of us have had discussions regarding MPEG2 FTA satellite reception. It's something that greatly interests me, being a news and feeds junkie married to a wonderful wife that hates big dishes !

Is anyone here interested ?? I could start it off with some of the info I've found ...

Scott, if there is sufficient interest, perhaps a forum ? :eek:
I have been trying to get JohnH to come over and run a FTA forum. No success yet, maybe you guys can convince him this is something people want. :D
... trying to get JohnH to come over ...

Scott, sorry I don't know John H or where to find him. I'd love to do some brain picking of experienced free-to-air-heads ;)

Let me know ... I'll see if a little push from another SatGuy might help !
I also think this would be great as I may possibly get an FTA receiver in the future and would like to learn more about them. I may even want to start selling them to customers.
Yes ,Yes Please Do! JohnH ROCKS!!! I would love to see this added to a already great forum.I'm like you guys I have hopes of adding a FTA system someday soon. Thanks,dishMIKE
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