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Sep 14, 2005
For the first week or so that I had my H20/AT9-5LNB combo, the big 4 HD locals here in Motown came in great.

For the past several days however, CBS and NBC have been awful. I am not having the audio sync problems that many others have, but am getting a stuttering/jumpy (almost frame by frame-like) picture on these two channels.

I am happy I can get my HD locals OTA so I don't HAVE to get 'em through the dish, but it is annoying to say the least.

My dish is aimed fine (good solid signals across the board), etc., so I am assuming this HD Local channel issue is something from D* and the compression factor of MPEG4?

Is this part of the growing pains of MPEG4 as D* unleashes it?


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Oct 22, 2005
more than likely its the feed from the station thats beeing fed to d* via fiber optics. i've experienced the same issues in buckeye city ;) with the nbc live news at 5pm only lasted a minute when they changed shots from being out on location to being in the studio it fixed its self.


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Mar 12, 2005
Hartford Connecticut
I wonder if the issues are more around the H20. I only use mine for SD channels on Media Center so cant compare. Hartford locals havent turned on yet. As for the AT9, I've never had better signal strength. Could be the dish or the professional installer who did a great job. Either way, I will find out about HD locals in June.
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