Multiswitch needed? (how many lines off the AT9)

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Sep 14, 2005
I am thinking of getting the HR20 when the OTA is activated. I currently have an H20. I have 3 lines running into the house from the dish. 2 go to the SD Tivo in the basement and one goes to the H20. I have a fourth line run into a D10 in the garage.

If I get the HR20, I'll need another line run.

So, with that in mind, my question is: Can I run a 5th line off the AT9? Or do I need a multiswitch inside the house so I can get the extra line to the HR20?
You will need a 6*8 multiswitch (WB68) with the 4 lines coming from the AT9....than output 5-8 to where ever you want
Thanks urnote96. I thought that would be the case.

Where to buy the WB68 multiswitch?
Yes, if you need a WB68 and they are doing the install, DIRECTV will provide the necessary switches for free....

If a HSP TECH tells you that you need to pay them for the switch get someone on the PHONE ASAP

If you are doing the install, PM me and I can send you one for $45 bucks.
I've already got the AT9 (paired up with an H20). I was going to buy the HR20 at Best Buy when they get it back in (same price as D* $299, D* isnt' budging any lower) and install it myself. I figure its just the matter of putting in a multiswitch and running another line off it to my living room. But, if D* will provide the multiswitch free, then I'll let them do it when the time comes.
No deal?

How long have you been a D* subscriber Proc? They won't budge off the $299?

Call retention (800-824-9081), be nice, and they should at least discount you a minimum of $120 in $20 increments on your bill to take away some of the pain. They gave me a $250 instant credit, plus the $20 a month for 6 mos. (the cost of the HR-20 at Best Buy was $399 at the time). Funny thing is, I then got my HR-20 from Best Buy, and they cut the price to $299, so I came out ahead. I want to run 7 lines into my house (have 4 now, long story short, my wife refuses to give up her two Directv w/Tivo SD units, so I get the HR-20 all to myself). D* said no problem, and the guy is coming tomorrow to install the multiswitch and add three more lines (one more to a two-tuner SD Tivo and one to an H20 in the bedroom, and one more to the HR-20 in the living room, where we also have a SD Tivo with two tuners).

I would keep trying with D* Be sure to be nice, and your length as a customer should help. I've read that they are discounting the HR-20s to $19.95 with a two-year commitment.
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