My 811 is trying to start an Anti-Dish revolt!!


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Oct 11, 2003
That's right. You heard it hear first. I believe that my 811 has started a revolt on its own. Here are the specifics!

First my humble story. I was the first person in my area to get an 811--so says my installer. In fact, I had to hook it up--he had no idea how to. The date was a week before Christmas. Hooray--what a Christmas present!! HD here I come!! I had no problems with the Menu as there were four hours like the other Dish standard receivers and I did not know that the DVI had a dark video out problem because I had been using S-VHS hook-ups untill I got the new 811. However, when hooking up the 811 I immeadiately noticed that I could hardly watch SD channels so I called Dish and they immeadiately sent out a new one.

Guess what? The second one did the same as the first. Another call and Dish stated that they knew there was a problem and that they were working on a software upgrade? Hey, how was I to know that something evil was lurking just around the corner!

The 49% bug started rearing its head just after the first download. At first I thought--hey maybe they fixed the menu and messed up the OTA reception a little. Now that I think of it -- just what did that first download fix? Well, we will call Dish again and maybe the next download will fix that. :)

The second download showed up and gave us the 2 day menu. Hooray!! Wait--wait a minute!!!!! NOW I start getting the "Waiting for satellite to download" prompt when I want to change channels from OTA to something else. Well, now I turn to my trusted resource --TA DA!! --SatelliteGuys.US forums!! I learn from my fellow breatheran that there indeed is something fowl afoot!! Everyone seems to be having the same problems. I feel somewhat relieved to not be alone with this anxiety and believe that maybe--MAYBE-- Dish's next download will fix the problem (S)? :yes

Third download shows up and HOORAY-- the 49% bug seems to have been halved if not irradicated. BUT WAIT!!
Whats that--whats happening??? OH NO--PLEASE NOT THAT- :eek: -!!!! The menu has now reverted to TWO HOURS!!!! Are we kidding!!! TWO HOURS---heck I can't even watch tv if I don't know what I can watch in two hours. Now the loading satellite menu is showing up when I turn on the receiver AND after changing from OTA. Only the last resort--thats right-- 'DA RESET' is now required for further viewing! Boy there must be something sinister going on here--or could it be just old fashion incompetance!! :confused:

Well, I have finally figured it out guys. IT IS NOT DISH!!!!
Charlie and boys seem to be at the whim of a revolt by our 811s!! Thats right--and how did I come to this conclusion you ask?? :rolleyes:

NOW in the last 2 weeks my 811's 49% OTA problem has returned with a vengance. And when it does lock on to a signal if it is below 75% you might get a lock and nothing else!! No picture no voice! The menu can DISAPPEAR right before your eyes--that's right NO MENU!!! None at all--only a reset can restore and than an hour later it will disappear again. Speaking of the dreaded "loading menu screen or finding satellite screen"-- these prompts now come up when changing from SD channels too!! The componet out has stopped working!!! I can only view HD with my DVI now. And when the menu is giving me my two hours I have to reload the menu most times to go forward!! As far as the darkeness issue -- seems to depend on the day and time--heck who knows?? :shocked

Surely you can see what is happening. It is not Charlie's boys and it is not us. The problem is the sinister 811s!! I am telling you--they are trying to start a revolution!!! You just wait and see--they might have been brainwashed or payed off by Rupert's Gang!!! Of course there is always the next download? :smug

ps--DISCLAMER--I do not intend to infer that I have any knowledge of an 811 plan of to revolt against Dishnetwork nor their subscribers. Nor do I have any insider knowledge of a evil plot by Rupert's Space Raiders to invade the internal workings of our 811s to created confusion and disharmony within our ranks. Caution--this message will self destruct as soon as an 811 that works correctly shows up on planet Earth! :D
LMAO!!! Funny stuff! Nice synopsis of the various download fixes/regressions. Very disturbing though, as I just received a new 811, and demonstrates all the bugs you've mentioned :mad: .

Sadly, I felt a $400 UHF antenna install in my attic would alleviate some of the 49% problems... alas, they are worse than ever, even WITH 80-90% signal strength reported :rolleyes: .

Latest trick I learned is to hit the info button on OTA channels just before the "lost signal" menu appears... keep tapping it every 2 seconds or so. This allows the 811 enough time to lock on the channel (assuming you have decent signal strength).
Trying to keep an open mind. I know how a software program can jump thru hoops when you do not get it right the first time. I have been using Microsoft for a long time! :) I just hope Dish can either correct the 811s shortcommings or replace the unit with one that works!

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