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May 9, 2004
i recently have been seeing that there have been locals released in my area, it shows on website that these are superdish locals at sd121, i have a sw64 setup, can i just point my extra dish at these to get my locals? and not the 61.5
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No unfortunately you can not do this, as the satellite at 121 is a much lower powered satellite and needs a bigger dish (as well as a regular KU LNB) to pick it up.

You will need to upgrade to SuperDISH to get those locals, but the good news is Dish will replace all your stuff such as switches, and Dish free of charge for you when you upgrade.

Just be aware that some older equipment such as an origional Dishplayer, a Dish 1000, 2000, 5000 and a few other receivers are not SuperDish compatable.

Again welcome to SatelliteGuys!
can you tell me if there is extra equpment to buy then, I see on dish site there is a $50.00 charge if using more than 3 recievers? Will I be able to pick up a fourth sat. then on my original dish 300 dish. Thanks

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