my recent experience with dish, specifically sat 129


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Apr 18, 2006
In the winter I upgraded my receiver and programming to get espn2hd and the voom channels. Upon returning from a trip, I had lost my signal. I called dish and they sent someone out. The first contractor concluded after 6 hours that I could not get the programming on 129 due to my leaves returning to my trees. However, after he left I couldn't see any hd programming even those not on 129, it was black. I was getting an error when selecting check switch. After talking to tech support they sent another contractor who was very late (6:30 pm) and didn't know what he was doing. He had not read the notes from tech support and seemed scared to jump on the ladder to get to the roof. He couldn't do anything and we put in another request. This time, a dish network employee, (not a contractor) came and wound up installing a second dish so I could get all of my programming back. He was awesome and got me up and running in no time. to say the whole ordeal was frustrating would be an understatement. Those contractors don't seem to know what they are doing in general. However, I was very impressed with the guy from dish who got me up and running. When you have an issue it seems that you are rolling the dice as far as who comes out. Now that it is working again I am definitely pleased, dish's hd package seems the best by far right now. Does anyone know of any more hd channels that will be added in the near future?

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