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I noticed that my Hopper with Sling recorded a show on 6/16/2017. The description is Access Hollywood S21 E204. It was recorded from 7:57 - 11:01 PM on ABC channel 006-00 for 3 hours and 4 min. I did not schedule this recording plus the PTAT folder shows Shark Tank and 20/20 recorded on 6/16/2017. The mysterious recording does not have a thumbnail but shows a red "dish" in a black box.

If I select this recording to play the receiver shows a scrolling blue bar like it is trying to find the recording. It never finds the recording so I have to hit cancel to get back to the DVR list.

If I select info when this recording is selected, I get the normal selection of Watch, Save, Save Series, and Delete. If I select Watch it starts playing the movie Everest which I recorded from HBO channel 301 on September 28, 2016. By stopping and resuming I have found that the mystery recording is playing the HBO Everest movie that I have previously recorded.
I then tried to delete this recording by selecting the delete box under the info screen. I was unable to delete the recording.

Another thing I tried was to delete the HBO movie Everest. Even though I have deleted the HBO Everest movie and it is in the Trash tab, the mystery recording still plays the Everest movie.

I also did a reset Hopper through the tools menu but nothing changed. I am wondering if the hard drive table of contents is partly corrupted. Are there any commands that will check the drive?

Both of my receivers are Hopper with Slings running software version U234.

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I wish I could be of more help. Here's what I can give, which isn't much. 11:00 is outside the PTAT window, at least on the East and West Coasts. In Central Time, programming runs from 7:00 to 10:00. I might be wrong, but only those in the Mountain Time Zone would have PTAT activated at 11:00 as they run an hour ahead of the Pacific Time Feeds. Also, have you deleted Everest from the trash? Basically, if the mystery recording is attached to Everest, then as long as that recording remains, the mystery recording is attached to it. Finally, dumb question, but is there anyone else in your house that might have set the timer? Your situation does sound weird, but Dish is capable of forcing recordings. It also could be a glitch on their end, although my hypothesis doesn't initially point there.

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