NASA Eclipse 2017

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  1. NASA will be broadcasting their coverage of today's eclipse from the ground, sky and space.

    We will have about 96% of totality here but I just swung a BUD over to 127W to check out the NASA feeds too, should be interesting.

    Solar Eclipse 2017
  3. Overcast here for the partial. Was thinking of going to Nebraska but have to work. There's another one in April 2024 can likely take a few days off at that time of year hopefully.
    Wishing for clear skies for all of you, especially for those in the path of totality today! It's quite an experience, we had one in 1979, will never forget it!
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  4. 2024. I should be retired then. Hopefully. Is that a total eclipse?
  5. Yes. Here shows a good animation too.
  6. Been tuned to NASA since 12 EST. 8 1/2 minutes til totality in Oregon. :glasses
  7. I live in the path of the 2017 total eclipse and it was awesome. It got so dark that the street lights turned on and we could see stars. Too bad the cell phone camera wasn't as impressive. Maybe I'll head down to Texas in 2024 for the next eclipse.
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  8. 2024 eclipse will go right through my neck of the woods in 7 years in NE Indiana cool.
  9. I traveled to Kentucky with my telescope and recorded HD video of the eclipse. Watch for the moment I removed the solar filter, and make sure to watch in HD!

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  10. Nice capture of the prominences!
  11. Very nice Ryan, thanks for sharing!

    I traveled from CT to Tennessee, and it was well worth the trip! The view in the telescope during totality was just amazing!

    I took some pictures but your video is of much superior quality

    Now waiting for 2024 :)
  12. Great video Ryan!!
  13. Very nice! Thanks for sharing BigRyan! :)
  14. Thanks for sharing. Every now and then we need to stop and think of the age we live in. We know what is going on, the tech is good enough and inexpensive to have.
  15. Well done Ryan!
    Was cloudy here for the partial, couldn't take time off work to travel to totality. 2024 is not that far off!
  16. Good job! Imagine horror of those on Earth before science. They must have thought their life was over. I saw it in 1979 in Manitoba in an empty field with nobody around. As beautiful as your capture is, being there is another experience that fills your senses of sight (visual), touch (wind), hearing (animal silence).
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  17. Cyberham, maybe you were in one of my fields! :)
    1979 was a while back... Had a big flood here shortly after that eclipse. Nothing like experiencing it in person (the ecliupse that is).
  18. So the eclipse wasn't enough to stop your sinning, it took a flood, too?
  19. That didn't work either... :)
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  20. That flood in southern MB surrounded our radio sites. The town of Morris comes to mind. We needed mountains of sandbags to surround our microwave sites to keep them as islands of dryness in a lake of water. Our microwave brought U.S. cable television to Winnipeg.
  21. Great video! I live near Rosman, NC in the path of totality but it began to cloud up about 30 minutes prior. My wife was ill but I put on the glasses and could see the disc through the clouds so I found a good spot on my drive and rolled my wife out in a wheelchair. The clouds parted enough so we were able to remove our glasses just in time to see the diamond ring. It was a moment of joy that I will remember forever as I lost my wife 11 days later.
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