Nasa Tv

Get a Titanium C138. It solved the problem for me (mostly).

Even with the C138 there are still times when my next door neighbor's 5G iPhone causes pixelation, but overall my reception is FAR better than before the C138.
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I'm getting NASA at 16.2 dB and glitch free here in California with a Titanium C138. If I move the dish off axis to the point where the signal drops below 10.5 dB I start getting pixelation.

So at the 12.0-12.5 dB you reported in post #1 you should be good. Terrestrial interference is the most likely cause of the pixelation.
So, i toke some time to check it out...conclusion is that i need at least 12.5db and not much head-room. I gess this is why they say a 3.0m is required in order to have head-room. I will try to fine tuned, but im limited whit my 2.4m.
Thanks guy's for your replys!!!!