Nasa / Esa General Frequencies

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Jul 27, 2006
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ESA Satellite TV Broadcast:
Eutelsat 2 F4 (10 deg east) 11.134 GHz (H) MPEG-2 (4:2:0), 5.632 Msymb/sec, FEC 3/4

NSS-K Satellite (21 deg west) 11.465 GHz (V) 5632 Msymbl/sec, FEC 3/4

I found these on a NASA related website. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried these. I can't try em cause I don't have a Universal LNB with low band on it. Figured maybe someone else does.
Can't see either one from the States... Would be interesting to check them out. Does the website explain what they are used for?

EDIT: Looks like some of us on the East coast should be able to see NSS-K. It would be too close to the horizon for me, with the apartments to my southeast.
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Doesn't NSS-7 replace NSS-K, I can't see any listing for it.I am as far east in North America you can get and can see that area but if the footprint doesn't cover me it won't matter like most all the other Atlantic sats except Atlantic bird 1,2&3.

'lo Guys.

NSS-7 does replace NSS-K (Intelsat-K), and Eutelsat 2-F4 is now Eutelsat W1 at 10Deg. East. NASA TV appears on the APTN Direct feed on the latter bird here in the UK, when nothing else takes over the feed! ESA TV also appears on the Europe by Satellite channel on one of the Hotbird satellites, can't remember the frequency and so on. Hope this helps a bit.
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