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NBA is back!

Carmelo Hits the Floor

I watched some of the Nuggets game yesterday hoping to see an explosion from Carmelo Anthony but guess what? There was none. I know it is too early in the season but yesterday he was hit hard and hit the floor a couple of times. It's kind of funny that a lot of people though that he did not have the body to play in the NBA and that was evident yesterday.

Lebron -- 'King James'

I only saw portions of the first quarter (it was too darn late!). I can't wait to see him saturday night in HD on NBA-TV. I hope E* does the right thing and give us the feed :!: I saw the numbers that he produced last night and I was not surprised. He has the body of an NBA player and looked very poised and mature on the floor.

Knicks & Nets

Same old story. They can't keep a lead in the 4th quarter. Did not see the Nets game (it was blacked out on E*) but I saw the Knicks game. I do not know why the heck was Allan Houston playing in the 4th quarter and being the "go to" guy last night. It was clear that he could not keep the ball in his hands. He had about 4 or 5 turnovers that cost the game to the knicks. Please sit him down he can't play. I am not even that good at basketball and I was seeing this. What the heck is the coach thinking?
I don't think you can say too much about how James and Carmelo are going to be this year based on last nights games. Carmelo was guarded by one of the premiere defenders of the game last night, so it is natural for him to look out of his game. James participated in a high scoring not too close game that enabled him to play to his strong points.

Funny thing is, who's team won? and they were both playing against high caliber teams.
Lebron has all the tools to be among the greats. What was so incredible to me is how mature his game is. The commentators rightfully, were saying how the Cavs need him to lead in the final two minutes, needed him to take over the game, get the ball in his hands. And he's 18!? I understand commentators will overdue it on occassion, but they were right, when Lebron had the ball, he got the ball to the open guy. He is completely unselfish. The thing that caught me is that he still looked like he has a lot of room for improvement. I predict that stamina will be a major problem for him and that he will hit the rookie wall HARD. His size will make it tough for him to stay as active as some of the other elite sg's sf's out there. No player has ever had his mix of strengths. He is a little big for guys to try to push him around like most of the elite SGs and SFs did when the started out. He will be a joy to follow.
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