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  1. The network has set a two-part episode slated to air in the spring that will serve as the foundation for a possible spinoff, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. Filming will take place in February.

  3. [h=1]More about it:

    NCIS Planning New Orleans-Based Spin-Off, Exec-Produced By Mark Harmon
    The NCIS New Orleans office apparently handles cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle. But I’m not so good with geography, so don’t quote me

  4. Didn't they try this already? I think it was called NCIS: Red? & the show wasn't picked up I thought.
  5. Hi, I'm a CBS programming executive. We figured everyone loves Criminal Minds so Criminals Minds 2 would be twice as nice. Moreover, since everyone loves CSI then they'll love a half dozen versions ever better. Now it's time to ride the NCIS gravy train and ride it for every penny. We here at CBS call this Innovation. :rolleyes:
  6. Overall it has worked for them (with the exception of the Criminal Minds spin-off). They still comeup with new shows every year that work pretty well, also. Pretty much every network does it, Law and Order, Once Upon a Time, etc.

  7. Yes they did, just last year.

    That team moved all over though, maybe this will work better based in the N.O. area ... then again, RED never really was allowed to get started.

  8. Yep, on NCIS LA, Season 4, 18 and 19 they had NCIS Red, but CBS killed the project.

    Because even if a show is successful it doesn´t mean every spinoff will follow the same path, I remember the short lived Law & Order spinoffs; Law & Order - Trial by Jury and Law & Order Los Angeles. ;)

    [h=1]In the Future, All Cities Will Have Their Own 'NCIS' Franchise[/h][h=2]CBS is currently working on another 'NCIS' spin-off, this one set in New Orleans.


  9. They had a Red episode last year.
  10. I won't be watching most likely. I am really getting tired of the copy cat programming. I want something new and different to watch. All the cop /detective/different agencies investigating crimes is getting a little old. I quit watching CSI -the main show, when they cancelled the CSI Miami show. NCIS has me due to the character interaction and the quirkiness of their different personalities. IF it was for the crimes they investigated , I would of stopped watching years ago.
  11. I like NCIS, but I do not like NCIS LA.
  12. Same here, and I must say I did my best to like NCIS LA, but it just didn´t work for me.
  13. 100% agreement I have to DVR it so I can watch it in small doses, just too violent. When Ziva leaves NCIS that may be the end for that show also..
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  15. OMG !
    I've never been that impressed with NCIS #2, LA.
    #1 has long since jumped the shark.
    So, showing no imagination, we're to endure #3?.
    Shades of CSI, in all their variations!
    Has nobody had an original thought?
  16. Not in Hollyweird!! ;) :)
  17. Network tv likes to take a format that is successful and then replicate it by adding another city name to the end. Csi-(in Las Vegas), then Csi -Miami, Csi New York, Ncis , Ncis-L.A. now Ncis-New Orleans. I think an original idea for a show is a much better way to gain audience share, rather than duplicating the same original idea and putting it in a different city. But the tv writers have long given up on the average intelligence of the audience members. They like to appeal to the lowest common denominator as evidenced by Duck Dynasty & Honey Boo boo. Just look at the ratings for these two shows and you can see why the tv executives like to put out such drivel, because it is guaranteed ratings.
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    ....not to mention all the competition and reality shows.
    "Look how much money we save on writers!" ;)
    edit: next time I hear someone complain a new police drama is "just another cop show", I'll point out that at least it isn't a CLONE!
    how many Law and Order derivatives were there? :)
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    well they had L&O Criminal Intent, that short-lived fiasco of L&O Trial by Jury, of course the more succesful L&O SVU, and also the short-lived L&O Los Angeles... Oh and L&O UK, and then also the French version of L&O Criminal Intent, Paris Enquetes criminelles....:rolleyes:
  20. One persons opinion ...

    The original NCIS is still the #1 show in the country, they must be doing something right.
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