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  1. Interesting, but doubtful.
  3. Abbey can't move seeing CBS is firing her for competing with some of their advertisers. Gibbs can't move that would totally upset the NOLA Team..
  4. That's not true.
  5. I apologize, I missed a tweet but she is still leaving.
  6. Yes, because her contract is up and she wants to do something different.
  7. and she's getting a wee bit long in the tooth (48) to keep playing a herky-perky 30 year old.
  8. My God 48??? I’ve said all along that being into Goth like her character was , for all these years, didn’t make sense to me . She never seemed to change or grow up.
  9. That's part of the issue I think, Abby never wanted to grow older with the show like the rest did, I think it's backfiring on her now.
    Thatbsaid, there have been periods where she's been more "normal, less goth".
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  10. Be nice if in her final episode she removes a wig to show her natural hair color.
  11. As long as she wears the bunny suit.
  12. You've never seen her on any talk shows, as a blond ?
    Blond is her natural color, she dyes it for the show.
  13. I know that, that was the point of my comment and the picture showing her with her natural blond hair.

    Hugh and the outfit were part of the picture because, well just because. :D
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  14. Because gentlemen prefer blondes
  15. Cool. Someone for Gibbs to fight with. Interested in more of her backstory and those scars. Overall I really enjoyed the episode.