Need Dish DVR & install guidance.. bailing from Directv (1 Viewer)


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Nov 21, 2004
Dish experts; I'm leaving Directv as I want only a family package for a lot less than I pay now. The real question I have is over there we are used to Tivo-like DVR ability; what are my options in Dish-land? I know they also charge the monthly fee; how about getting a used DVR off ebay etc to cheapen the transfer costs? I also understand there are very old DVR's w/no monthly fee, are they so distant functionally compared to Tivo features that its a huge step?

Secondly; I have 3 old directv dishes; 2 round and 1 3 sat (with the built in multi switch). I also have a stand alone 6x8 multiswitch; the question is can I rig the 2 round sats myslef with the multi switch to get family + locals (vermont) and thus cheapen the transfer further?



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Jul 22, 2004
If you want to go to Dish... I would call a local retailer. Dish Netwrok is on a lease program. You pay $49.99 activation fee, if you committ for 18 months they refund that back to you. You never own the equipment and there is a $5.98 monthly VDR fee. If you get the dual tuner which supports indepedent viewing on two TV's and keep the reciever connected to a phone line you save the $4.99 additional outlet fee, Dish does have a DualTuner DVR also. Look in the phone book and call a local retailer, they should be more than happy to help you.

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