Need help in re-programming a E* 2700 rcvr.


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Sep 8, 2003
I have had a 7200 for over three yrs and got a 2700(used) about 6 mos ago for the bedroom.
Had a power outage and lost my settings. Had no problem getting all my channels on the 7200, but have lost many channels, including
HBO and local channels on the 2700.
I've pulled the smart card, disconnected the power cord, all to no avail. This happened Wed. night.
I thought that the 3am would fix the problem, but it hasn't.
Anyone know what to do?
Sounds like you need to do a check switch. Go into the Multi-Dish installation menu and perform the check. You're either missing 119 or 110. This, most likely, will fix your problem.
2700 programming

That's the first thing I tried, but the menu is completely different on the 2700 than my 7200.
It doesn't have it listed under TV settings.
It shows I'm getting both 110&119, but I'm missing the channels on the guide. This problem wasn't solved by the 3am.
Not having a manual for the 2700 I don't know how to do multi-switch test, like I do on the 7200.

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