Dish 119 Even Transponder Problem


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Sep 18, 2003
Having some trouble, hope you all can help.

Dish 500 system, dual lnb, 2 sw 21's, 301 and 508. Check switch shows nothing to the even transponsers on 119.

Did a quick check of the cables on the sw 21's and they seem good. Have not yet checked the cables from the lnbs to the switches yet.

What do you think? Bad switch? Cables from the lnb to the switch? Any easy way to diagnose?


New idea. Signal strength on the available sats is very low, in the 50's. Could the Dish be out of alignment? It has been very windy the past couple of days.

Sound reasonable???

Need help in re-programming a E* 2700 rcvr.


SW64 problem

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