Need help on what to buy from DishStore for HD (with a bonus question)


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Sep 15, 2006
I'm in Delaware and currently have:
Dish500 dish w/ Legacy Quad LNBF (110/119)
721 using two of the LNBF outputs
508 using one of the LNBF output

I got the 721 and the legacy quad around March 2005 from you guys (along with a nice sat finder meter!) and new this was the place to come for straight answers!

I've been trying to figure out what I need so the installer can just come and plug in a 622. I want to upgrade from America's Top 120 to the HD Silver or maybe Gold. Is this correct:
Dish500 dish, arm, DishPro Dual (pointed at 61.5)
(Or will I need the Dish500 dish, arm, Legacy Dual since I have the older quad?

The original Rx I had were the old 2700 and 4600 which have since been retired (still in the attic). The bonus question: Do I need to do anything special with them to sell them on eBay? Will anyone even be interested in buying them? I might even want to sell the 721. I like the response speed of the 508 better and the 721 seems to lock up a lot (black screen overlay, hang etc.).

Sorry if I left out any important info. If I did, plz just let me know! I did do searches for related info, but it looked like I need some specific help...

TIA people!

[EDIT]Or do I need to also replace the Legacy Quad with a DishPro Twin LNBF and use it with all DishPro stuff above?[/EDIT]
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If your going to keep (2) Active receivers on your account, here is what I would do...

#1 Upgrade to a Dishpro Plus Twin...

#2 Use a seperate DISH500 with I adaptor for 61.5 with a Dishpro Dual...

The other way to do it would be to buy a Dish1000...

Either use the 1000 DISH in its current form, or remove the 129 LNB, put it on your old DISH500 and point it towards 61.5

You might want to buy an I bracket for the 61.5 Dish to clean it up...
Thanks for the info!

Yes, sorry for the omission. I want to replace the 721 with the 622 and just keep the 508/622.

So I don't need a switch to put the 61.5 in so it's active on both receivers? I thought I needed to bring all the orbitals into a switch and pull off from there to the receivers?

What are the three connectors for on the DPPTwin? [EDIT]Nevermind, read the PDF Tech Bulletin on the sales page link.[/EDIT]

Another thing I did omit, at some point in the future (a few years maybe - kids room), we will want to add a third receiver to the group - not necessarily HD, but possibly dual tuner, so I was trying to plan ahead just a bit.

And also, our locals are Philly.

Thanks guys!

Any pointers on eBaying the 2700/4600 and possibly the 721? I assume they are no good without the SmartCards that they were activeated with ("married" to?). Do you think there will be any interest in them?
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If you qualify for the HD locals from Phily, they are on 61.5. In a DPP Twin - the switch is built into the lnb so there is one. You just won't see it. The three connectors are the input for the 61.5 lnb and two outputs. One to the 508 and the other to the 622 by using a seperator for the two tuners. If you add a another dual tuner - another seperator would work on which ever unit that would be unless you intend to keep the 508 - then you would need to hook the lnb's into a DPP44 switch.

There seems to be some interest in those receivers, $20-25 each, not sure how much for a 721 should be higher.
Great info, Gary. I was trying to draw that in Paint to see if I understood right - too bad my "artist" skills are non-existant!

So my shopping list is:
#1 & #2 from Claude's post on the 16th
DishPro Plus separator
And a VIP622

For the install:
Can I mount the Dish500 and point it to 61.5 using one of my existing cables from the 721, then after peaking, take out the 721 and change out the Legacy Quad with the DPP Twin?

After reading the tech bulletin on the DPP Twin, it looks like I need to disconnect the 508 so the 622 can do whatever it needs during the check switch stuff. Then I can hook up the 508 and be all set?
First off, a seperator will come with your 622, no need to buy one (unless you are using 721, you will need one for that receiver). You shouldn't use a twin when looking at 61.5. You will need a dual and should use that. The twin will give the receiver two areas and may use other line of sight and give you no reading (note, the skew on the dish 500 pointed at 61.5 should be set to 90). Put the twin where you legacy quad is now. Run line from 61.5 dual to the existing dish 500, but hook into line directly to the 508 from existing line (the 110/119 locatons would be disconnected at this point) and properly allign the 61.5. When done hook the line from 61.5 into the input on the twin, put receivers where you want them, hooking up seperator on the 622 (and 721 if that is one you will use the 508 will not use one), run switch test for the two receivers you will be using and you should be done.
OK, I just got the 622 from UPS!

Now, if I remove the 721 (or 508) from our account, can we still watch the programs that are recorded? I know there are "other ways" to get them off the 508, but I haven't seen anything on the 721 about that, and am not all that excited to put it under the knife so to speak just to experiment.

From what I remember (its been awhile) when you deactive a receiver you can no longer access the recordings on it.

Anyone know if its still true?
not true scott, recordings are still playable on non-activated boxes.

my opinion here, you probably want to keep the 721 not the 508 since it has (a) more recording time and (b) two tuners.
Thx for the advice! Only one other question now (I think!)

After getting the 2nd dish aligned on 61.5, the 508/721 "see" that there is another dish hooked to the LNB input on the DPPTwin, but they both say there's no signal. I peaked it with a meter and it was fine (I thought). Will the 622 be the only one to actually "see" 61.5 and show signal in the point dish setup menu?
OK, my bad. There MUST be another sat close to 61.5. I doubled checked and re-peaked and all looks good. (I think I was pointing around 180 from my location. 61.5 is at 169 azimuth from me. No compass really hinders things, eh?)

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