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Aug 10, 2005
We have 3 TV's and they are controlled by an HR44 Genie, a Genie mini (C31-700) and a stand alone HR24. Today, after a power outage ended at our home, all the hardware restarted and appeared to be ok. But about an hour later, the HR44 Genie put up a message that its HARD DRIVE HAD FAILED. I rebooted it via the RED button. Same... Rebooted again by disconnecting from power and reconnecting... Same. So it's busted...

It would take an hour to describe a hellish experience we had with Directv just two weeks ago after an HR22 that we had failed and we replaced it with the above mentioned HR24. Suffice it to say I am not looking forward to calling them again.

My question here is can we still replace the HR44 with another HR44 or HR54 or are they going to push us to go with the HS17 that, correct me if I'm wrong, will force us to replace the HR24 as well, right??? And likely the older C31 as well??? HS17 means ALL GENIE, right??? We want to stay with the stand alone for exactly the reason that if you lose a Genie and the whole home is controlled by that one box, you lose everything... We want to keep it the way we have it... Can we get another HR44/HR54 replacement???

And if anyone here knows, what department would you have us call at Directv??? Regular Customer Service or say maybe Retention??? We are VERY CLOSE to dropping Directv after our recent (long and painful to describe) experience with their CS. And what about the idea of us just buying an HR54 from Solid Signal and calling Directv when we receive it so we can be sure we get the hardware we want??? Your thoughts??? thanks...

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