Need some advice on a disc screw-up


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Sep 20, 2005
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On the third season of Deadwood. Should have been sent the first disc, but got the second. The envelope said disc 1, but I got 2. Sent a report and got the "we will send you the right disc" message. Also said return wrong disc. Should I sent it back, just to get it sent again in a few days??? Or just keep it, then send it back with the other?
Already sent it back, noting the error.
We had the same thing happen with Ken Burn's Prohibition series. Disk 1 was in a Disk 2 sleeve. Reported the problem and sent back the disk with a note included describing the issue. A few days later, they sent back the errant disk with a note indicating that we did not return the proper disk, even though we reported the problem and had attached a note. We took that one to a local store and were able to get it all straightened out.

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