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Mar 1, 2009
so i just bought a slimline au9 model and this will be my first time installing a need help on what to do

here's what I'm working with now.

directv dish eagle model # dtvp3

2 basic receivers model # d11

and what i want to upgrade too.

slimline Model au9 with 4 coax cables coming out of the dish

1 hd receiver Model # H20

now what i want to do is...keep the other two basic boxes and at the same time have the hd box to receive hd channels... now would this dish be compatible with the other two boxes? and if so what do i need to do and how do i hook all this up.. let me know
the Slimline will work with your D11's if you get the 4 port LNB verses the new SWM model. As far as hooking it up? Its pretty much the same way your current system is except you will need to remove the old dish and put the new one up, an be ready to spend a couple hours peaking it. Make sure you have a BBC Module for the H20 and be prepared for D* to toss you in a contract. There are some install videos floating around.. and I believe Solid Signal has some on their site as well..
With direct requireing a two year contract to activate the H20, I'm suprised you didn't let them provide / install the dish for free.

Your LNB (4 output) will work with your D11s. You just need to make sure you point your dish like the old one. Peak it on sat 101, then make sure 119 is in the 90's - it should be if your tilt and elevation are set right (from the receiver setup screen).

Finally, check the sat 99 and 103 conus (can't remember if it is a, b, or c on the H20). Get 99 and 103 in the 90's and you're good to go. 99/103 are much finer adjustments.
c as in charlie, and peaking 99/103 is going to be a pain without the correct tools or a meter. make sure to have a calculator so you know how many turns to make, unless your a genius with fractions lol.
so this is what haappend

so i called directv to find out that the hd receiver is still leased to the person that i bought it from and that they will be sending me a kit so that i can send it in because i cant use it :mad:.... so now i need to wait till my contract is up in order to upgrade which is better because then ill be getting everything that i want and for free lol but bad part is that i lost $30 bucks and i have to wait 2 more months
if you have an acutrac and assuming you have your dish mounted on the roof here is what you do:

set the tilt and elevation with the coordinates you get setting up on your receiver.

peak the azimuth (turning the dish in the direction it needs to be turning it left and right) using your meter to get the highest reading it needs to be.

tighten the three bolts at the mast

loosen the four at the neck and tighten the bolt inside the neck that is holding the elevation

Fine Tuning

set the dial to zero then turn the elevation dial bolt counterclockwise three times and get the reading from the meter lets say for example your reading was 57.5

Now turn clockwise until you get for example 57.5, but count how many times you turn clockwise let's say for example you made 4.6 turns.

Set the dial to zero

Now turn counterclockwise half the times you were going clockwise. We made 4.6 turns clockwise, so after we set the dial to zero we're going 2.3 turns counterclockwise

4.6 / 2 = 2.3

Repeat the same steps to the dial bolt or the guage on the right side of the neck and finally you'll get your fine tuning for the 99 and the 103 ;)
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