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Jan 11, 2010
Ok I have 2 dish receivers hooked up to a Dish issued splitter. When both are plugged in I can not get all my channels. I get probably 40 percent of them..If I unhook 1 of them I can get all my channels I subscribe to no problem. If both are hooked up and I try and access certain channels like my local channels,movie channels,or any of the other channels that cause problems when both are hooked up I get an error message saying something about a multi-switch. Calling me a novice when it comes to electronics would be a gross understatement so please keep that in mind when replying. This has been so aggravating because I recently let my grandparents move in with me(grandfather recovering from a stroke after having a heart attack not long before that) and they like to watch certain channels(grandfather loves his military channel) and I obviously love my sports and movies. One receiver is a 111 and the other is a 301.

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May 21, 2009
Lexington, ky
The simple answer is you can't split the line from the dish and feed it to two receivers. You don't say what kind of dish/lnb you have, but if it's only got one output on it you'll need to change the lnb. If there's more than one output on the lnb, you run a 2nd line from the dish to the 2nd receiver.

The lnb is at the end of the arm "pointing" back at the dish. It should be held on to the arm by a single nut and bolt. Take those out and the lnb will slide away from the arm. That's where the connections will be. Attach a 2nd cable (assuming another output), run the cable through the arm and to the 2nd receiver (leaving a loop and a terminal block).

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