Need some Roku help please

Discussion in 'Internet Television Hardware' started by andy_horton, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. I have a Roku 2 (about a year old..Sling promotion) ethernet connected, hit about 90Mbps down. DirectvNow wants to buffer a lot (I know they've had their issues) but it also resets a lot, I can push the home button, screen appears, but app sound continues, uninstalled app, Roku is up to date. Tried wirelessly and it's all about the same. Is my Roku 2 dying? Can't find much online help..(tried Google). Any thoughts? Thanks. Andy
  3. I would suggest do a factory reset and start over, all your app's will redownload you will have to relog into them again.
  4. Might be bad power supply..they had issues but don't remember which model
  5. Update--May have been bad power supply. Died the other day. Burial to be at sea...good thing I bought a stick. And protection plan. Like it a lot