Need to remove satellite dish for roof repair


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Hi all, Dish told me $100.00 for a service call, and at least 2 weeks out. Anyhow, I used Jim5506 marking strategy to mark the dish and marked the wall where the dish platform was. When it was put back I had a minimum level on sat 119. I used mine and my wifes iphone in face time mode, one pointed at the TV inside the house the other up on the roof and worked with the adjustment until I got the reading back to where it was before we started. Actually better now then it was. One thing I did notice was the LNB's are really looking weathered, my guess is they will probably fail in the near future from water incursion. I probably should buy some new ones on ebay.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.
Doubt your LNBFs will fail from weathering. I've seen them go years with no plastic covering at all. They're well-sealed.

If you just re-set a dish mounting on the same compass heading and haven't altered azimuth or elevation, you should be on signal or very near thereto. Then even without meter or Skype, etc., if some level of signal strength shows on screen you can go out and make a very small az or el adjustment and then come back in to see if it got better or worse. If better, go more in same direction; if worse, reverse what you did and go opposite. If no on-screen signal you can still try small moves to get onto it, but using a simple $10-20 meter (as was pictured) right at the dish will quickly point the way.

Often as not with roofed dishes, maybe more often than not, as a dealer I had to get off ladder and onto roof. Another reason things were better before they gutted the independent dealers. They just did more for customers to make things happen.
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Doubt your LNBFs will fail from weathering. I've seen them go years with no plastic covering at all. They're well-sealed.
If the plastic on the actual feed horn is broke or missing then it absolutely needs replaced.

Although I'm assuming you're talking about the plastic shell over the metal, in which case no it's not needed, but your comment could be misleading to others thinking the feedhorn covers being dsbsged or missing is ok when it's not. Water, debris and insects will definitely get inside and cause issues.

In short, gray plastic nothing to worry about but damaged white plastic needs replacement.