Needs a good reasonably priced Sat Finder/Meter (1 Viewer)

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Aug 18, 2008
Las Cruces NM
I need to replace my ElCheapo Sat finder/meter. I will use it only when I setup in my RV.

What would all you good people recommend that is reasonably priced ($30 or so) ?
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Apr 22, 2011
OK, what I use is a WINEGARD Satellite finder meter. Camping World $29.95. I ordered a 500 dish kit from Satellite a Utah based company. The kit came with a piece of junk meter, looked like a winegard however it does not work. I used my winegard to set the antenna up, took just a few minutes. I found that with my VIP211K box even turned off, I have 18volts for setup of the antenna.... The antenna has a graduated scale for elevation, and skew. I set the antenna according to those settings then I use a compass to set the azimuth.... I have a stick on a string, I get the azimuth then set the stick on the ground then aim the dish to the stick...... I found that this puts me in the ball park so getting the high point on the meter is then a piece of cake.... I have done the setup on my new dish twice, and both times the way I described worked great.... I know that with the 500 antenna, I don't get HD, or local channels however when I am camping all I need is TV for the wife, as she has to have the noise while trying to go to sleep at night........


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Jul 7, 2009
I have a Sat Buddy v.1 that I don't use anymore. It's good unless you can find something else under $50 that will do an internal switch.


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Supporting Founder
Sep 8, 2003
Minitracker gives signal indications for two inputs. It may be the same as Accutrac22 MKII.

It may work much better than one of those $20 finders. If they work like they say, it could be worth the $100 if you set dishes on a somewhat frequent basis.
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