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Oct 1, 2016
I am a new DirecTV commercial customer and I have 25 H25 receivers. (No DVRs because it's not allowed on commercial accounts). My setup is as follows:

2 Dish
2 SWM-16
25 H25 receivers
1 Broadband DECA with power adpater
1. AT&T Uverse router

The network light keeps blinking yellow on DirecTV Broadband Deca adapter. The DECA adapter is sitting right next to the AT&T router and is connect to it via a cat5 cable. The DECA is also connected to the SWM-16 via a coax. All equipment and cables are brand new.

The technical support of directv tells me that the problem is with my router, but I don't believe it because I don't have any issues using internet with any other devices such as computers, tablets, streaming devices such as Roku and Apple TV, and even my security exqipment such as camera, and alarm system.

Today the installer (unofficially) told me that DECA will not work unless you have a DVR installed. Since this is a commercial account DirecTV cannot give us a DVR.

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can provide.
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I'm sure one of the installers that frequents the site will post soon with an answer for you.


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Feb 14, 2015
well, the *majority* of usefulness is with the DVR, however you can still use the D* app to control receivers. can you tell us what model router you use? there is a *known issue* with the 5031nv model AT&T router that will not work with D* equipment. drove me nuts especially since now AT&T owns both sides of the problem.

2nd thing: i believe the deca can only address 15 receivers (was reading that on one of claudes threads about a RBLNB having ~20 H25's), so you'll probably need a deca from both SWM16's if you want them all to be connected.

is the 2nd dish in a different location from the first set of equipment? just curious.

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2 things...

#1 The DVR Does not make a difference

#2 You will need 2 DECCAS to make this work properly. It will require 1 DECCA per SWM 16

As far as the yellow light, get another router and install it between the ATT Router and the DECCA.

The issue might be that each receiver needs its own IP address from the router, and with 25 receivers plus everything else you may not have enough ip addresses. The routers should in theory support 255 devices, but usually 10-20 devices is the limit.

Yellow light usually means the DECCA isn't hooked up correctly. Make sure there is a coax cable ran off of the splitter on the 16 way.

All the DECCA is, is a coax to eithernet adaptor. You could take 2 DECCAS and run a regular eithernet network over coax. Or you could even run a client over eithernet using 2 DECCAS.

The DECCA will jump across ports on the swm16 but will not jump to the second swm 16.

Did the install run an actual coax wire from the splitter to where the router is, or use existing wiring?

Send me a pm if you need help troubleshooting this
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