Never Thought It Would Come To This With Dish


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May 24, 2007
I just had a the same sittuation happen to me but not the bugs they said there was a clear water like substance inside the receiver. I find that hard to believe first of all since the reciever is not anywhere in a place where it could get wet and also just the amount of time it sat before I shipped it how could anything stay wet for that long. So I did the same asked for proof with written docs and or pictures. I did also bring up the fact that this reciever was a reman since it was replaced about 6 months ago and how do I know what condition it was in before I got it. I also asked since they were going to bill me for the receiver if the new one would change from a lease to purchase or if it was still going to be a lease I should get the old one back since I would be paying for it. After all that they came back and said not to worry they would credit my account so now I will wait and make sure I get the credit next month. I did all this over chat so I also have a record just in case.


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Nov 21, 2004
Las Vegas,NV
Back in the day with a broken 921 they tied to claim i never sent the bad one back. Even after i showed them delivery confirmation and tracking they still wanted me to pay. Bone heads.

I can not believe that even when they send you a box with a UPS label that they did not keep the tracking info on your account, they had to ask me for the tracking number.


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Dec 20, 2008
I fail to see how this will help the OP. After Echostar cleaned out the ladybug infestation and replaced the disk, why wouldn't they redeploy?

If they were able to redeploy then they don't need to recover $300 fr a receiver because it was not a total loss and did not need to be refurbed more then any other returned receiver, bottom line as other have said this is just another game dish network likes to play to screw consumers that lease. So if you lease beware because you will be at their mercy! Dish-fenders delite in your do no wrong company!


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Feb 14, 2004
Germantown OH
Most consumers do not have the time to fight dish over these so called fees and pay the $300.00.
Someday I hope to be that wealthy that my time (15-30 min) isn't worth $300. Something tells me that the vast majority of Dish customers don't fall into that category either...

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