New 2 year agreement with Best Buy leased receiver? (1 Viewer)

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May 2, 2005
Does anyone know if I go to my local Best Buy store and add an HD receiver for the bedroom, when I call to activate it will I have the new 2 year agreement added on as well? Would like to upgrade, but I am fearful that sometime this year my wife's job may cause us to move and afraid we'll have to rent somewhere that won't allow me to bring the satellite with us.

Now that VS is back, I have no interest in switching providers, but would still like an upgrade. I have no issues paying the receiver lease fee, just worried about the new contract.
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Oct 22, 2004
Binghamton, NY
If you do find you have to move due to financial problems, make sure the place you go to has line of sight to the sats. And, remember apartment/condo/HOA rules can't stop you from having a dish (with certain restrictions).
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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
If you an limp along with an SD receiver, the commitment is 12 months for existing customers.

The alternative is learning to put up with each other's viewing choices and that may be more daunting than the prospect of someone losing a job. :eek:


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Jul 31, 2009
Redding, CA
You can buy an HR21 Pro, or try to find a used OWNED receiver on ebay (they are hard to find) make sure you call the access card department before you buy and give the receiver ID number (RID) to confirm it's an owned box. Then you won't have the commitment. You will have to make them put that on your account notes.


Mar 15, 2010
If the only reason you are worried about the 2 year contract is a possible move, then go a head and get what ever upgrades you want. If you move to a new place and you can't get satellite, D* will let you out of the contract... as long as there is NO Line OF Sight.

Here's the LOOPHOLE: if you move to an building where the owner doesn't want holes drilled for access or dish antennas mounted to the building or has expressly refused an install (which usually doesn't happen for legal reasons) then your only option would be to set up your dish INSIDE, ergo no LOS and you can get out of your contract.

If you move, you will probably be able to get D* installed at your new place, but if for any reason you cannot, call D* has them send an installer to do a movers install in you new place. If you can not get permission from the owner, tell the installer that the owner said the dish can't go anywhere outside and you would like to have them call in a failed install due to no LOS, this will get you out, but will probably not be an issue.
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