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Last Saturday evening, 9/2, I set my 721 to record a college football game. The red recording light displayed on the front panel, and the recorded/recording list showed that the game was being recorded.

After an hour or so, I decided to start watching the game, so I pressed the PVR button on the remote, saw that the game was supposedly still being recorded (indicated by the red dot on the list of recorded/recording programs), selected the game, and selected Start Over. The 721 then showed the game in real time, not from the beginning. I tried several times to watch the game from the beginning, but was unsuccessful, so I decided to wait until the game was finished and then watch it from the beginning.

Hours later, after the game was finished, I pressed the PVR button, saw that the game was in the list of recorded programs, selected it, then selected Start Over.

A window popped up telling me that the program had not been recorded (even though it was in the list of recorded programs) and that I should delete it. I then noticed that the recorded length was 0.

My 721 has been working well for more than a year, so I wonder if the above problem was a one-time anomaly, or simply another example of Dish users doubling as beta testers of Dish's software.

Anyone else have a similar experience?



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Mar 28, 2004
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My 721 has been rock solid until the last software update, the 721 has been real flaky ever since. Dish can f-up a wet dream!!!!!!:mad:


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Sep 21, 2003
Well, they're not getting a DVR fee from us. Maybe they're trying to encourage us to get rid of them? :yikes Oh wait, that doesn't explain all the previous enhancements they've downloaded to us. Or does it? :dev


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May 23, 2005
I've had strange things with my 721 lately, also. I first suspected a new "upgrade" when the unit started to go into sleep mode, with the dish logo, when I hit the power button. Darned if I can find ANY way to actually power off the unit now.

I programmed all our weekly shows last week. One program, on a Wednesday, would NOT program. If I selected it, the red record ball indicator on the guide would land on some other Monday show. But if I tried to re-select the Wednesday show, it would bring me back to the PVR screen. I deleted the event, and re-programmed the Wednesday show... everything seemed fine. Until Monday, when the stupid other show started to record!!! WTF? Now today, Wednesday, the 721 tried to record the same channel on both tuners, even though there is still only one programmed event.

I wish those of us who OWN our units could choose whether or not to accept these new upgrades.

So, does anyone know how to turn off this new sleep mode and actually power down the unit when not in use??

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