New Customer 811 + DVR?


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Nov 24, 2003
Ok I just crawled out of a cave and saw that the 811 is a HD receiver. I have been pondering to reactivate my D* and I have and HD box but would need to buy the new dish. I saw that new dish customers can get the 811 + 301 for $49 now. that's a sweet deal. However, I would probally make the switch for sure if I could get the 811 and a DVR. Is that possible? Are the 811's in low stock so I would have to wait? Is it better to find a local dish retailer in my city or just call dish and have them ship it?
With the DHP does that mean I have to lease all my equipment? I would rather see if I can get it with the free dish and swap the 301 for a dvr. Is a two commitment really that bad?

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