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Greetings everyone!

As you may have seen last night, some dealers have been told to STOP installing SuperDISH's and to tune in to todays Retailer Only Charlie Chat at NOON.

SatelliteGuys.US is watching this special Charlie Chat and will be bringing you details as they happen.

While we will not bring you all details of things we will report on items of interest to you the consumer.

If you post this information anywhere else, please make sure you post a link to this thread or metion you heard the news from SatelliteGuys.US.

Thank you!
Excuse my spelling

The Chat has started...

Jim says he has some exciting stuff, exciting news about locals and HD!

Charlie and Jim are both there.

A lot to cover.

First on to locals.

Targeted launches in DECEMBER on DISH 500
Hartford / New Haven
Grand Junction
Bakersfield, Ca

Next up on 105
Chatanooga TN
Dayton OH
Fort Smith, Ark

Good News...
Springfield Mo locals missing NBC and FOX, Springfield is being moved from 105 to Dish 500 so NO SUPERDISH is needed for 105. The locals will be moved from 105 to Dish 500 tommorow.

More coming...
Charlie on 105 and 121

121 Satellie will now do locals and it reaches all 48 states. Both work with SuperDISH.

Charlie says you can move the LNB to the other side of the Dish for 121.

Lansing MI will be on 121. Dealer will not have to stock 105 SuperDISH.

As a result of testing some cities will be moving from 105 to 121. Albany, NY Mozulla Montana and two more cities will be moving to 121. Channels will be simulcast for awhile.

Production of 121 feeds is ramping up. All existing customers in these areas will need a new feed assembly (shroud and LNB unit)
No Charleston/Huntington, WV locals? I wish Dish and others would stop saying they are going to be added on the first week of December if it is not going to be added. When you say next up for SuperDish when are these going to be added and are there going to be others planned to be launched in December or was there nothing mentioned of it?
Good News because of the bandwidth opening up...

Flint MI is coming 121
Millwalke, WI missing CBS coming to 121
Lansing MI is coming to 121 missing NBC
Also targeted for December is Greenbay and trevor city.

Deluth MI will be Dish 500 in January

101 Cities by the end of the year.
More information about HD Channels and SuperDISH will be coming.

Holiday Channel is 982 in Free Access Mode.

Talk coming up of New Products.
322 / 522 is in short supply, demand is great. They are working to increase the quantities.

The 811 WILL be shipping December 1st, it IS at Distributers! Software will be up on the Satellite for the 811 Monday MSRP $399

What will be moved out of 110 to make room for the HD? Will they add the new internationals to the wings?

These is great news for ppl who have a 6000. No dishpro adapter needed.
Charlie is telling people to install a Dish for 61.5 for HBO and showtime but he hopes to have those channels moved to 110 in the near future.

811 will be available on Monday.

Free Dish customers can get a HDTV for $999 with an 811 Starting Soon!

Now on to the 921

The 921 will start shipping on the first! Limited quantities on December 8th. VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!

FREE DISH gets a 921 with HDTV for $1499

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