New Directv Latin America Satellite

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New DirecTV satellite.

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As you know the Galaxy 3C currently used by DirecTV has reached its maximum capacity, which has caused problems in image quality and in launching new channels in the system.

It was also agreed that DirecTV Managers of each country have been saying for weeks that soon will have a new satellite launch not speak, unless they have the 2nd satellite for Latin America, which will increase the capacity of DirecTV Pan ; with respect to this there has been various comments, trying to define what the new DirecTV satellite.

For this, several events have occurred in recent weeks, such as the repetition of existing signals, such as VTV Uruguay, Playboy, Hustler TV, DirecTV backchannel Sports, among others. Furthermore, what is happening right now in Puerto Rico, where the signal quality has increased significantly, the movement of carcasses TP (Transponders) to another and the emergence of new TP.

This is because DirecTV is now using the new satellite, which is located 95 ° W (exactly to the 94.1 ° W), called Spaceway 3, which has 12 transponders, which will be used for DirecTV Pan , giving considerable space to uncompress the existing signs at Galaxy 3C and enhancing its capabilities in the entry of new SD channels and the main course, it is to incorporate more HD channels (including coverage of the World South Africa 2010). Also the release of DOD HD (DirecTV On Demand in HD), which was announced by the official media of DirecTV.

Regarding the opinions that may be offered on the issue, could tell a similar event with Dish Networks, which is when he moved satellite, also had problems in the recurrence of signals of various channels, as has happened with DirecTV. Source: Community Directv
Hello Nel,

Hope you are well, I was sufring old threads and found this one from you on 2010, I have a question:

You stated there that some transponders where used out of Spaceway 3, all I can find from manufacturer (Boing) is that the bird is capable of Ka band payload: Content Images/SPWY_Specs.jpg

Do have more specs you can share?

Thank you.
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