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Apr 26, 2004
Is there anyone in New England that has voom, more specifically the Boston Area? I've not yet purchased a HD TV because there really isn't much out there to watch in HD. Now that the sox are in HD and Soccer is in HD I'm getting a HD TV, if anyone has any info on Voom please let me know. By Info I mean if you like it, you hate it, what its good for, and if I should or should not get it. I already have Dish Network and Comcast, but I wouldn't mind voom either.


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Apr 28, 2004
Rhode Island
I had VOOM installed on Friday, down here in Rhode Island. My installer was either ill-trained or unethical. After he trashed all of the VOOM equipment (i.e., OTA antenna, VOOM box, etc.) he didn't ground the antenna properly, didn't even offer to connect the phone line to the box (after I spent an afternoon installing a phone jack.... :mad: ), and failed to install the termination coupling at the box end of the OTA antenna. As for the termination coupling, this "amplifier" as he called it, is actually the DC injection bias for the amplifier in the Stealth antenna; without it, the amplifier doesn't do anything.... Anyway, if you're close to Boston area, the Stealth antenna should do fine just so long as your installer isn't trying to sell you a custom installation of an OTA antenna.

By the way, a large gain antenna isn't always a good idea, especially if you're in an area with decent signal strength. The directivity of the high-gain antenna will actually prevent you from receiving a decent signal unless the antenna is precisely aimed, which can be a problem if your close to the transmitter.

Nevertheless, the Stealth antenna won't/doesn't work for my use where I would like to receive Boston stations, so I'm getting the Channel Master 8-Bay bowtie with a rotor and installing it in the attic (I actually do live far enough away to use a high gain antenna for Boston). Now I'm fighting with VOOM to map the Boston area stations to my box......

Did I mention that the VOOM provided stations are great?

Enough ranting for first thing in the morning.

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