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Feb 15, 2010
We rushed a bit but finally launch, we have here the new image based on the official 4348, we would have liked to try but we failed due to time so if there is any failure to forgive.

Looking at the requests of the users have tried to get a new firmware to comply with them that are primarily the EPG and multimedia mainly reproductions mkv.


This image brings the main novelty Epg 5 days for Astra and Hispasat Spanish provider

Screenshot of old EPG with two events


Screenshot of new EPG with 5 days


The second new is the sigma TakeControl KGD to 8634 after many tests we have seen that the main problem in multimedia playback azbox is the mismanagement of the resources it contains, because similar equipment, popcorn, wdhd, etc ... having a perfect reproduction in the same chipset sigma 86xx, the difference is that our azbox have built and linked to other aspects that significantly reduce the resources, we managed to optimize takecontrol much better.

Tests with the TC have achieved a perfect reproduction in from internal or external HDD, mainly with high bibrate mkv getting almost the same results as a NMT533 of popcorn.

From PanelKGD you have the following options:

1) General yield figure is activated soon after starting the TKC.
2) Yield TV is activated soon after starting the TKC.
3) Media Optimization is activated when the media starts
4) Optimization rss activates when you start the rss
5) Optimization youtube activates when you start the youtube.

Options 3, 4 and 5 can be used to maximum and is recommended. But in the 1 and 2 is convenient to put a very low minimum value, if the opening of channel emulation is correct and these options should not be touched . You will be able to make several tests but a very high value in options 1 and 2 can cause the system to slow down or problems.

IMPORTANT you can make several changes to the TakeControl and the effects are immediate but if you turn off or restart the computer this configuration is forfeited, so that it will have to keep going to the Settings menu and activate the TCK will be maintained as well when you reboot your configuration.

The takecontrol always know when is activated or deactivated because it showed the display.

Other developments PanelKGD:

The version 1.1 brings separate PanelKGD of takecontrolkgd another popular option for people because of problems with USB devices and HDD and their ext2, ex**, fat, etc. .. You can now format for any device in the format of choice in HDD Extras panel, there is also the possibility of converting a HDD USB or pass this on ext2 to ex** without losing data (not guarantee) the tests were satisfactory but may someone does not go well. And last on this same menu you will have the option of formatting the DOM instead of the next Upgrade to recommend changes before putting the image to this format EYE lost all data and should only be done for a makeover However before doing this format will make a backup of PanelKGD, ddirec, telnet, etc. .. and very important part of your folder so only Openxcas would have to put your data network and download the channel list.

In the channel list we made some changes now can download the channel list of the FTP server and no need to restart, the only thing to do is just have stuck antenna configure your data.

Also we have changed the panel and its webinterface DDirec now in version 2 we have corrected the problems starting from the first version, in weginterface have to

PHP Code:

Where there are 4 options available, "0" is off, "alta" is "high", "media" is "medium" and "baja" is "low" you will have to write it as such in lowercase, in future versions we will put it on the panel to configure it from there.

General changes:

Other changes are when you install an internal HDD without the default image format on startup will do it in ext2 and ex** not to now.

There have been more changes in the skin and tucked the new translations for spanish of Ajo.

We have improved some aspects of the boot.

And last and most important thank all who have collaborated and developed the image, mainly Morser which has been the developer of the EPG, the admin of, Milix, Linarense, Fundidum, Yersi, Mpiero, Macmanolo and I will not forget anyone mas. We also want to thank the web provides the EPG (

Best Regards
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Crazed Cajun Rebel
Jan 7, 2007
Problem is, most of those things don't matter to us over here in the US. We use our boxes totally different then you do in the UK. Here in the States cardsharing of any kind is illegal, and we cannot use a FTA box to subscribe to any TV service. All the pay TV services use their own proprietary box.

While some of us use the media player, for what we use it for it works pretty well.

Thanks for reporting the progress though, those of you across the pond may have finally found something that makes the Azbox work for you. We in the US, however, are still waiting to see, and will likely never see, fixes to help us.:)
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Nov 25, 2004
New Brunswick, Canada
It works great, now if only it could be implemented so that when you choose a module it would switch resources automatically, is there a way to do that with the existing image/plugin? Is there any English version?


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Apr 23, 2007
Tucson, AZ
We rushed a bit but finally launch, we have here the new image based on the official 4348, we would have liked to try but we failed due to time so if there is any failure to forgive.

Do you guys do any executable decompilation and recompilation, or are the changes that you guys make only to scripts and config files?
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