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Dec 1, 2009
Tampa, FL
I was wondering if anybody else got a new guide and everything at around 2:00 am? It was Mystar or Mystra or something. But now it's back to the old guide and everything. I actually liked the new one. Even told you if shows recording were conflicting. Anybody know whats up or how i can even get it back?


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Dec 31, 2008
TampaBay/Pasco Cty got the Digital Navigator Guide this week. All is well. Had to adjust my HD settings but us customers were advised via letter etc. that such might be necessary. No big deal. I did have to read the online guide as could not figure out how to change the date. Had to write BH an email and never would have figured that one out. I didn't see that in the instructions but could have missed it. Bring up guide then press a number like 1 and then press the > button to the right of Select. The rest I figured out. All is well so far. I doubt I will use any of the features but nice to have them. Must get back to memorizing the new channels as HD's will all be 1000+ here.


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Dec 5, 2009
Tampa Digital Navigator

The Navigator was installed this week. Biggest problem, too many black sidebars on channels that was not observed in the old guide. Followed all instructions ie. Picture size stretch, Aspect ratio 16x9 and Output Resolution 1080i. Almost all commercials has black side bars even though the picture is HD. Called BH, waste of time, I knew more than the guy I spoke with. I know the old guide did not have all these black sidebars. I think this Navigator is a step backward.

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Nov 9, 2008
The Swamp
The date thing has been that way forever. Even worked that way on Passport.. Just hit a number then over arrow. You can usually got about 6 days out so 6 then over brings you 6 days away/.

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