New Install Over Existing Cable Wiring?

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Jul 26, 2007
Allen, Texas
Hi All,

We are having D* installed next week at a home (pre-existing) that we purchased last month. The install will be 2 HD DVRs, 2 HD STBs and one SD STB. Having had D* with SD DVR in the old house, I know that each DVR needs two lines running to it. The new house was pre-wired for Cable when built back in 1999 and each room has a plate with two cable outlets in it. We had TWC installed during the interim just to get some TV for the family until remodeling was done (new built-in to fit the 52" Sony XBR3) and I noticed that in each room, only the upper of the two connections had a signal. I pulled the plate off the wall and there is a double cable running to each outlet. Where the construction for the built-in is being done, I can see where the double cable runs up to the attic via the space between the 1st and 2nd floor of the house.

My question is will the D* installer be able to find where all those tie into the one cable line that enters the house outside? I think there is a master splitter in the attic somewhere where all those lines come together, but am not sure as I can't get up into the attic due to a bad knee injury I have been dealing with since we purchased the house. The old house was only wired for one line to each room and the D* installer had to run new cables and did a really bad job of doing so (my 10 year old could have done better). I know the wife will not go for the same type of wiring install here at the new house as we had previously (cables poked though exterior walls and stapled to the floorboard thought two rooms).


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May 21, 2006
If there is a master splitter in the attic then your installer should be able to find it. If there are splitters concealed within the walls most likely they will not. If you have two wall plates, maybe on each side of the room, in the rooms that have two wires inside the jack then chances are one of those lines feeds the other. Assuming that there is a master splitter in the attic, the installer will need to get four lines from that location to the dish.
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