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Apr 10, 2004
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First let me thank you all for the excellent forum that was of great use to me in choosing VOOM and in knowing what to expect and what to demand of the installer. I really appreciate all the detailed info you provide.

Installation today as scheduled. Done by freindly and well informed guy. Didn't use the stealth (he left it) as my current UHF antenna was much better. Didn't use diplexers.. ran two coax lines.

One little problem that I haven't been able to correct. The time displayed is off by an hour and I can't find any menu item to change it. Can anyone help?

Other observations (From first day):

Not happy with PG for all the same reasons I see posted many times. Also not happy with SD picture quality on many channels. I had expected better than my DTV SD channels. HD signals look good on most channels and great on the others. Awesome. I had a great HD NBC OTA before ZOOM, but some of their exclusive channels exceeded what I had.

The HD channels don't seem quite as great in content as I expected. Ch-100 news seems to repeat itself every few minutes. I want FOX News, Tech TV HGTV and DIY! I now have Cox Cable, DTV and Voom. One is going to go after one month of comparison, most likely DTV.

One post had asked for info on how we're set up.

Sony KDP57WS550
Kawasaki 6.1 Digital Surround system
Cox Cable
Voom (Resolution set to auto and using DVI cable)

Thanks again for your help.
It is a glitch in the daylight savings time. You don't have the latest software since it is a new install. You will automatically get a pushed download of the new software. I just can't remember for new installs if the push comes the first night or if it simply comes sometime within a week of the install. Either way, the problem will be automatically solved.

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