New Low-cost Ku Motors & 1.2-metre Dishes


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Jun 16, 2010
Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia
I see that Digiwave is advertising new Ku motors and new 1.2-metre offset dishes at good prices. Their website claims items are in stock now. They have addresses listed in both the U.S. and Canada which may explain their reasonable shipping options.

Digiwave Moteck Ku motor: US$112 or CDN$159
Digiwave 1.2-metre dish: US$222 or CDN$315

Above prices include a 10% sale discount (promo code on-site) and free normal shipping to US or Canadian addresses plus taxes (where applicable). These may not be the highest quality but I like the saying beggars can't be choosers. Motors are tough to find nowadays and 1.2-metre dishes normally are very expensive to ship.

An offer that's hard to refuse. I have no relationship with Digiwave. Caveat emptor.
As the owner of, and an authorized dealer of Digiwave products going back more than 15 years, i am sorry to inform you all that none of these 3 products are in stock, even though the Digiwave website shows them in stock and even lists quantities. Both of these Motors and the Positioner have been sold out for a few years now in fact. I knew this to be true, but i decided to reach out to Digiwave to be sure, and here is the response:

HI Casey: How have you been? Our website is in the process of transferring to new data center, all the inventory is not updated, these 3 SKU# have been discontinue for a while…

So i just wanted to inform you all and save you the time and hassle. And because they are not updating the website as far as inventory, if you are interested in any other product shown on the Digiwave site, i would contact them first and ask about inventory and ship costs before ordering on the website.
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Thanks for this. I was waiting to hear doesn't surprise me since it all sounded too good to be true. What I find unacceptable is that Digiwave is this irresponsible. They are not a small retail seller. I don't accept that it is a "little error" on their part. I suspect it is blatant and intentional. The two options Digiwave has is to remove their site links or correct their available stock. This doesn't take a lot of manpower. I was able to go through the process of placing the items in their online carts, assign a sale discount code and calculate prices with shipping and taxes.

I'm in the mood to blast Digiwave and I'm going to.

At least sources from China actually have product though quality sometimes may not be acceptable. But that is the buyer's choice to make.

It also just raises my respect for outlets that sell Geosatpro dishes. By sharing info about reputable products and dealers then we can help control the market a little.
You know what cyberham, i have to agree with you here. It would take next to no work to update their website and fix this, yet they do not. I am removing my last sentence on my original post so as not to steer anyone in the wrong direction.
...i would contact them first and ask about inventory and ship costs before ordering on the website.
That defeats the purpose of an online cart. It wastes their and my time.

The negative feel I got from this motivated me to install my old 4-foot Fortec offset dish on my old motor. It's working! So who needs new anyway?
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