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Aug 5, 2006
Lennox, South Dakota
Winegard has made an update available for the Playmaker Sat dish. It makes it capable of receiving the eastern arc. I just use the western arc. Is there any other reason to update it? I also heard that it improves the sat search on the western arc. Not sure if that is true.
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Dec 28, 2013
Where our wheels go
The OS 2.1 update adds the capability of receiving the eastern arc 61.5 satellite as a replacement for the western arc 129 satellite, The western arc 110 and 119 satellites are still used for the rest of the program lineup. The advantage is being able to receive the many eastern locals that are only in HD on 61.5. Note that while the updated Pathway still works with the VIP211 series receivers, only the Wally is capable of receiving the 61.5 satellite.
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