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Sep 25, 2005
Montrose, CO 81401
Looking to get a new receiver for the bedrooms.. Trading out a 322 for anything dual/dvr..
I had a 721 that I sold when we got this package installed. Have a 625 in the living room and it seems to do ok most of the time.
I was thinking about either getting another 721 (and living with it's quirks) or a 622 as I may get a HD tv in the near future..
On the 622 is it neccessary to upgrade to HD programming, or can I just use it in SD mode until the need arrises?

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If you do not take the HD package, you will be charged $6 per month as an HD access fee. Better to get this when you are ready for OTA or see about getting a 942 or 921. Both will give you access to OTA, but cannot have the HD package and no HD access fee.
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