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Mar 2, 2006

I've only had time to play through the first three levels..

And to put it mildly, it definetly wasn't what I was expecting. If you where expecting Super Mario world type of Gameplay, think again. This game is a DEFINETE call back to the ORIGINAL Super Mario Brothers for the NES. It just has elements of Super Mario World mixed in, like the Haunted Castles, the end Castle levels, etc...

The Controls are pretty close to the original SMB . Mario walks ahead in a semi controlable manner like he did in the original game, the B button causes him to run and shoot fireflowers. A is to jump. If you hit A and Down, you do a butt smash.

The Super Mushroom is really a fun new power up, as you can literally smash through ANYTHING in the level. The music is OK....not great, not bad, just OK. You could play it with the sound off and not miss anything..

If Nintendo is reading this, don't take it that I'm unhappy with the game. I'm really happy a new 2.5D Mario sidescroller has been released, it's just not what I was expecting!


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