Question about XBOX 360 wireless network adapter


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Apr 21, 2005
Excuse my ignorance. I am trying to figure out what this does. I have AOL broadband on my computer upstairs (that is where the cable modem is located) and my 360 downstairs hooked up to my home theater. If I buy the wireless network adapter for the 360 ($99 at most places I believe), will that get me on to XBOX live? If so, how does that work and does it have anything to do with my computer and modem that will be upstairs. I am a little confused by this, I have never gone online with a video game console before and I think I am interested in doing this with my XBOX. I dont want to have to move my computer or cable modem box in doing so. Thank you ahead of time for your responses. Currently playing Condemned, not a bad game, it got a lot of slack, but I think it is a pretty good horror game....
No, you need a wireless router (I think Microsoft has a list of approved routers that are verified to work with the 360 wireless adaptor) connected to your cable modem as well. While it's not terribly complicated to set up, I suggest you get some help to do it as settings can vary from one provider to another. Alternatively, if the distance between the rooms is less than 100m (300ft) you can wall fish some cat 5 and connect the xbox directly.

Once you get online with your 360 there's about 25 demos to download, and of course, the excellent Xbox Live Arcade.

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